Title: Yes, it is for us to operate with our heart. It's an encyclopedia. There are many things we don't know. We need to constantly explore and pursue. When we love, please use your sincerity, perseverance, and to do a good job, so that we will. This "sincerity, perseverance, patience and love" seems tangible, but invisible. However, in my opinion, the "four hearts" exist in our life, and we will explore and think at any time! Love is not, nor infatuation. Love contains passion, but it is not equal to passion. Love contains, but it is not only happiness. True love is sacrifice, sharing weal and woe, and never giving up. True love may be due to a kind of heart, but it must be accompanied by a spiritual thing higher than and - the sacred feeling and sense of love, that is, the faith of love. People who have faith in love have a religion. They will write the words "love" with one heart and one life. No matter they are poor or rich, old or dead, they all depend on each other. When love reaches the highest level, it can transcend desire and even life and death. But how to write the two words of love is not easy, it is not easy. Now when people talk about love, the most commonly used words are feelings. Most of the reasons are "no feeling, no attraction" and so on. At first this sounds reasonable, but on second thought, it's not right. What does it feel like? What's the attraction? What feeling in the world will be fresh forever? There can be no things in the world that never tire of, especially those that are fickle. If love only talks about feeling, its power is short, no one can really have it. Plato had a dialogue with Socrates: Plato asked Socrates one day what is love? Socrates told him to go to the wheat field once, or go back, and pick the biggest and best ear of wheat on the way, but only once. Plato found it easy and confident to go out. He didn't come back after a long time. At last, he appeared to the teacher with despondency to tell the reason why he came back empty handed: "it's hard to see a plant that looks good, but I don't know if it's the best, because it can only be picked once, so I have to see if it's better. When I found that it had come to the end, I found that there was no ear of wheat in my hand." At this time, Socrates told him: "that is love. Love is one, and it's easy. " This is to say that people always look for love with a greedy heart and hope to get the best "wheat ear" in the world, but never feel the "wheat ear" around them, so they miss it again and again, and finally come back empty handed. When feeling and desire dominate your heart of seeking love, you will surely walk into the bottomless hole of love and never reach the other side.